Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tom Vek returns after five long years...

This is information I only learned today. Again, Stereogum posted the news today that he is indeed alive and releasing a new album. With that sort of description, my interest was of course piqued. I come to discover that he has this uncanny ability to mix electro dance music with garage rock, making you want to move your hips and bang your head all at the same time. *swoon*

For his latest single, "A Chore," a hypnotic guitar line and xylophone notes (of course, a xylophone) subtly mesh in with the demanding drum kick. Which has me feeling like I've been missing a new track from him for the past five years. His new effort Leisure Seizure will be out on Downtown/Coop and USA/Island on June 7. I suggest you pick it up. Mainly because you'll want to after watching this devilishly handsome 1950's styled video for "A Chore.":

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