Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Taste of Music, Culture, and...Paint?

Yes, that's right I said paint. Honestly, I had no idea what I was in for tonight as I ventured to Proctors to see the Blue Man Group, or as I would like to call it the Blue Man Experience. For those of you who don't know, this group has been around for over 20 years. Only conceived about a year after my birth. Ever since the beginning, they have constantly stayed in touch with the times and technology.

First off, I immediately knew I would love the show because they started by flashing text across a news ticker. The text made fun of mostly everyone, pointed people out in the audience, and was downright hysterical. Second of all, after watching them jam on pvc pipes, I don't think I ever yearned so badly to have chosen percussion in high school.

Paint was flying and lights were flashing. And everyone was fucking jamming.

They integrated technology really well into their performance. They used touch screens, texting, and games throughout the show. Also, there was a sick science section about the eye and visual stimulation. All of course on top of the rad beats.

Two highlights of the show:

1) They pulled a random guy off stage and dressed him in a white body suit and motorcycle helmet. He was taken back stage and the footage was projected on a big screen. Blue paint was thrown all over his body, and he was hung upside down to be repeatedly slammed against a blank canvas. Then they outlined his body in pink. Afterwards, they brought the painting out and it was absolutely awesome! I ran into the guy after the show, and unfortunately he didn't get to keep it!

2) The song "Booty Shaker" was performed and it was super intense. I can't explain it well enough for you to form a mental image, but it really was a sight to see. They had huge balls in the audience flashing colors, toilet paper and streamers flying through the air, and everyone was dancing. The music was just perfect for the visual. It was literally a moment in life you stop and say, 'this is how life is meant to be lived'. It was a beautiful moment.

Overall, the show was visually and musically exhilarating, funny and intelligent. They used metaphors, jokes, and interaction to break the barrier between the stage and audience. I would recommend this show to anyone regardless of age, gender, race or IQ.

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