Thursday, April 14, 2011

The longest day of his life...

*WARNING* this entry will contain some spoilers for the entire series of the show 24. So if you have any sort of interest in watching... well it's pretty predictable anyways.

The following takes place between 11:30 p.m. till whenever the hell I feel like finishing this...

No, but seriously. This was one of the most talked about series when it was on the air. Whether it was over the controversy of the amount of torturing that occurs or the fact that people were madly obsessed with it. And now, I am one of those people. And I blame Netflix, for streaming every god damn episode of the series.

While consistently watching the show, and ignoring any of my work, I have come to notice a few reoccurring things that have happened during the series. For example, how many times can Tony Almeida be critically injured or near death? Why can't the White House or the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unity (CTU) figure out a way not to have someone infiltrate their organization?

It is a show that can be highly predictable. But that also works for the show, as you become just as paranoid as the characters in assuming that everyone is in on the terrorists plot. I, like Jack Bauer, do not trust anyone. Oh the president's wife let the nuclear bomb into the country? Holy shit, the president himself was in on the plot to release the nerve gas in the country?!?!?! Who the hell are you going to trust if you can't trust the president himself/herself?...

Let one thing be clear though. While you shouldn't trust anyone else, please note that you can always trust Jack Bauer. Even most of the terrorists do. When he finally captures them and assures them they will be granted immunity by the president, he'll seal the deal by saying, "I give you my word." Everything stops, people look at each other in the room, and they agree to the terms and start talking. Except for German intelligence officer he fucks over. That guy will never trust Bauer's word again.

But there are some things that are always certain: Jack Bauer (seriously, just say that name to yourself. It is so bad ass!) will always be shot, stabbed or injured in some way but will still somehow figure out a way to foil the terrorists' plans. Or I'm sorry, the hostile. Also, Bauer has seen you die before. Even if you're standing right in front of him, to his knowledge, you died in some fiery explosion or were shot to death. Honestly, it must be terrifying to come in contact with so many zombies in your lifetime.

At the of almost beginning of every season, minus the first, which let me reassure you, was the longest day of his life, Bauer has nothing to do and wants nothing to do with CTU anymore. That one day a couple years back was just too grueling and he kind of wants to stop losing the people that are close to him. I mean, how many times can Kim Bauer be kidnapped or put in harms way before she just says, "Enough!"

(Actually, if you do continue to watch the show, she says just that. And she plainly says, "Whenever I'm around you, something bad happens." Good on ya, Kim.)

As the season (well, day, actually) goes on, gosh darn it, he gets roped right back in. I must say though, the beard and the obligatory flannel jacket worn to prove to you he was done with CTU for good was a lovely touch. But when he get back into action, you bet that fucking beard is gone! Jack Bauer, reporting for duty!

Just when it seems the CTU has stopped the attack from happening, as Bauer explains in season 5, there is always a contingency plan. There is always someone behind the initial plot conducting an even larger attack. Making the viewer to just throw their hands up in the air and say, "I don't know if I can take the stress anymore." It also should be a dead give away that there is another 15 hours left in the day, and that means more than enough time for something else to go wrong.

By the way, as I mentioned earlier, how does Tony Almeida just not up and off himself? First season, he discovers the person he is dating is a mastermind terrorist. Then he becomes director of CTU, then his stripped of his director's title, then reinstated as director, then gets shot in the neck but comes back as director anyways, has his wife kidnapped, then unhonorably discharged as director when trying to save his wife but she divorces him anyways because he starts heavily drinking...

I mean, seriously. Tony Almeida's life just sucks.

Yes, the show is unapologetically cheesy, but it is so damn suspenseful! I was having this conversation the other day, can you say one particular episode is your favorite? I don't think you can watch just one episode. You have to watch the entire season. And then that season turns into you watching the entire fucking series. Say goodbye to eight days worth of productivity.

Last thought: Does Kiefer Sutherland really believe he is Jack Bauer? Does he sleep with a gun under his pillow and jumps awake periodically during the evening while aiming his gun all over the room for fear of someone coming to kill him? It is a possibility. But one thing is for certain, Sutherland will not quit until 24: the Movie is released.

Maybe it's what needs to be done to put Jack Bauer to rest

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