Sunday, April 17, 2011

If not now, when?

It seems as though 2011, more than in years past, there has been an amazing surge of great album releases. The best part about it is only four months have passed. We still have Trophy Scars, Man Man, Manchester Orchestra and the Arctic Monkeys to look forward to.

Incubus, who have appeared to be on a slow decline after their album Morning View, made a very lackluster album in 2006 titled Light Grenades. The most atrocious offense contained on that album was the song "Love Hurts," which was mainly plagued by lead singer Brandon Boyd's awful lyrical writing. What was worse was the indication they were plunging into darker depths of songwriting hell when they released the song "Black Heart Inertia," which came with the release of their Greatest Hits album.

There is now a glimmer of hope, though, as the band is set to release If Not Now, When? on July 12. They have released the first single from the album "Adolescents," a darker track that shows the beauty the band is able to tap into. Maybe that 5 years break was needed. But if we've learned anything from "Anna Molly," it's not to trust the single...

Check out "Adolescents" here:


  1. This post is very average Beam. The song is average and you also mention the most boring/mediocre band out there, Manchester Orchestra. I booo at you.

  2. Well that's like, your opinion man...