Monday, April 25, 2011

2011 Review (So Far): The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Since we didn't start this little project of ours until early April there's a lot of music A Brief Intermission missed out on telling you readers about. I'm going to take this opportunity to review some of the better releases this year by posting 2-3 short reviews a day with some music that you should definitely check out if you haven't already.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are a 5 piece rock band hailing from New York City and their most recent release Belong is one of the most fun albums I've heard in a long time.

WARNING: Listening to this album brings on brilliant waves of nostalgia as well as uncontrollable needs to dance and sing.

Check out the first single "Heart in your Heartbreak" and then go pick up the album which is out now.

Check back later today for more new music from 2011.


  1. I've tried 3 times to get into this band. There is just truly nothing special about them to me. Just very run-of-the-mill indie rock. Guess its just not my style. Oh well.

  2. Agreed. Pretty sure this song was created in hopes to be picked up for the next Volkswagen Jetta commerical.