Sunday, April 17, 2011

Amy Klein's (Titus Andronicus) Letter to Conor Oberst

Amy Klein, guitarist/violinist for Titus Andronicus, has constructed one of the most moving letters I have ever seen. For those of us truly passionate about music, who had a band or musician change our lives, these words resonate deeply. Below is an excerpt, and below that is the link to her blog so you can read the letter in its entirety. Enjoy.

"Why am I telling you all this? Well, the other day, at the show, you said something about how difficult it is to hold onto all the ways you used to feel when you were young. As we get older, the precision of our sadness, the dark fear and awe at the universe, the brightness, clarity, and ferocity of first love, they fade out of our lives, becoming something like a vague mist that floats beyond our grip, and we are powerless to stop the partial dissolution of ourselves into that mist, until one day, we find that we have lost track of who we were. It happens when we don’t even realize it, and it is inevitable."

A Letter to Conor Oberst

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