Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do You Like Scary Movies?

I saw this trailer a couple days ago. Now, I can honestly say that I can't think of one movie that has scared the bat-shit out of me. I have been jumpy in some horror movies or shocked, but I have never been so shaken to the core that I can't to be left alone or can't turn off the lights. I'm certainly not complaining because I don't want to be haunted, nor killed. Or at least feel that way. But I do love horror movies. Some people love horror for the sheer enjoyment, regardless of being afraid or not. On the other hand, some people hate horror because 1) they are never scared or 2) they are just too damn afraid.

Have you ever seen a movie that has made you hide under the covers or had you on edge for days?
If so, what movie was it?

The trailer below is from the film 'The Silent House'. It was released in 2010/2011 in Europe and South America. Written and directed by Gustavo Hernández (along with other writers). He is writing the screenplay for the English version as well. The plot is based on a true story that happened in Uruguay in the 40's. The original is in Spanish, and I am sure the remake will be practically identical but I would still recommend the original. There's always that little extra piece of authenticity when you watch an original that's hard to put a finger on. Apparently, it's filmed in one continuous shot. I can't imagine how tedious that is.

The tagline is 'Real Fear In Real Time'

I want to sit on the edge of my seat, I want to be terrified. I want to be so horrified that I leave the film thinking I will never watch another horror movie again. So when I came across this trailer I was extremely excited. I think this has a potential.
The trailer looks pretty frightening, watch it for yourself.

Will you go see this?
Do you think it will be scary?

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