Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 Review (So Far): Cut Copy

The Australian electropop band, Cut Copy, have built on the success of their 2008 album In Ghost Colours and crafted a more ambitious and equally brilliant record. Zonoscope draws even more influence from 80s new wave but retains the pop sensibility that makes listening to this band so damn fun. The album begins with a slow, repetitive synthesizer and as more and more sounds are added to the palette, the anticipation builds. After a couple of false alarms, around the 4:00 mark, Dan Whitford sings "I know we're going crazy, but I need you now," and all is resolved as the beat kicks in.

From the album never loses its enerrgy and only slows again for the instrumental intermission "Strange Nostalgia for the Future," which serves as a beautiful lead-in to album highlight "This is All We've Got." Watch the video for, "Need You Now" below (single version, minus the long intro), pick up the album and then dance away your troubles.

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  1. This album is too fun. Is it possible to listen to it and not dance?