Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekly Top 5: Song Titles Inspired by Movies

Have you ever been watching a movie and you hear a quote that you swear you've heard somewhere before? Then the next day you're cruising through your iTunes and there's a moment of clarity; the quote was used as a song title by some pop-punk or hardcore band. Needless to say, there were a lot of these moments in high school.

I've seen lists similar to this where they discuss songs that were inspired by movies. For instance, "Bad Moon Rising" was inspired by the film The Devil and Daniel Webster. This list will only be songs whose titles were lifted straight from a movie.

The only rule was one song per band and they were judged on both the quality of the quote and the quality of the song. Enjoy!

Honorable Mention
"San Dimas High School Football Rules" by The Ataris (taken from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure)
"State Bird, The Mosquito"
by Ever We Fall (taken from Wet Hot American Summer)

5. "Get Up You Son Of A Bitch, Cause Mickey Loves Ya" by The Bled (taken from Rocky V)
Anyone who tells you they don't like the Rocky movies is a liar. The first two were genuinely good films while the last 3 were so absurd and bad that they ended up being good. Then of course there's the song. Pass the Flask is up there with my all time favorite hardcore albums and this song probably hits the hardest. It doesn't let up for a minute and a half and that "Forget the fuck away from me" breakdown is epic!

4. "Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things To Do Today" by Fall Out Boy (taken from Rushmore)
This is one of my all time favorite movies and Take This To Your Grave is tied (with New Found Glory's self titled) for my favorite pop-punk album ever. I hate what Fall Out Boy has become but on this album they were perfection. The lyrics are juvenile ("stop burning bridges and drive off of them"), the hooks are catchy and the melodies are conducive to bopping.

3. "She's My Rushmore" by Every Time I Die (taken from Rushmore)
Like I said I absolutely love this movie and it 100% deserves two mentions. Keith Buckley is an absolute genius responsible for some of the best lyrics hardcore has ever seen and dare I say that this is his masterpiece.

2. "I Got Punched in the Nose for Sticking my Face in Other People's Business" by Boys Night Out (taken from The Wedding Singer)
Easily one of Adam Sandler's best movies and I am so in love with this song. It blends violent, vengeful lyrics with catchy melodies and effortlessly goes between pop-punk and hardcore. "Bloody kisses from poison lips, leave lovers dead in ditches," is still one of my favorite lyrics.

Stop watching at about 23 seconds. The guy who uploaded the video decided to loop the laughter at the end and its incredibly annoying.

1. "Okay, I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't" by Brand New (taken from Home Alone 2)
Actually, a movie within a movie, Kevin's favorite Angels with Filithier Souls, the sequel to the brilliant Angels with Filthy Souls. This song is Jesse Lacey's lyrical masterpiece and let the world know just how much he had matured from Your Favorite Weapon.


  1. You should have included "Freak Gasoline Fight Accident"!!!

    Also, I think "Is that fucking Carl Winslow" should count and be number 1. Classic song.

  2. Both these statements are greater truths than anything I've ever heard before.