Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekly Top 5: Curren$y Punchlines

Punchlines have the ability to make or break a hip hop song. A quality punchline should fill at least 1 of the following qualities: 1) Clever/Witty, 2) Talk shit on the competition, 3) Big up one's self, 4) Make me rewind to hear it again. This week, Curren$y, one of the punchline masters, released his newest album Weekend at Burnie's (which has to be in the running for best album artwork of the year). Therefore, to celebrate the release of the album, I'll be counting down his top 5 punchlines.

Honorable Mention:
"Sittin' in my living room high, listening to Jamoriquai, I'm just an ordinary guy, but I dress extraoridnarily fly." ~ Air Assault Featuring FS Jets from the mixtape Welcome to the Winner's Circle.

"Emotional luggage, nothing of it, I don't check bags, just carry on leave that bullshit in the past." ~ Airborne Aquarium from the album Pilot Talk II.

5. "Shit's funny to me, your kids wanna be x-men for halloween, you wanna be me." ~ Check Yo Self from the mixtape Welcome to the Winner's Circle.

4. "Built this and I'm rich, both ways I made it, I'm the shit like the reason for toilet paper." ~ You Love It from the mixtape Kicks, Video Games, Movies & Chicks.

3. "Them n****s ain't shit, just muthafuckin' poo poo, sissy ass zeros, muthafuckin' fruit loops." ~ Prioritize Featuring Nesby Phips from the album Pilot Talk.

2. "Your bitch chose to roam in the spitta zone, now you drunk watchin' E.T. wishin' she'd phone home." ~ Reagan Era from the mixtape Independence Day.

1. "My vernacular, more spectacular than you dudes is, word to truth in the booth rappin' Confucius, hardest rhymes out, bite my shit be left toothless." ~ Mazaltov featuring Wiz Khalifa and Nesby Phips from the mixtape Smokee Robinson.

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  1. Haha awesome list. Totally agree with number 1