Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekly Artist Profile: Seryn

This 5 piece folk-rock group hailing from Denton, Texas have crafted a beautiful album full of layered guitars, vocal harmonies and extensive instrumentation. This is Where we Are, to me, sounds like the lovechild of Anathallo and Fleet Foxes as the songs often start slowly but build into bold, soaring crescendos.

After the jump you can listen to a few live performances of songs from This is Where we Are as well as find a link to their recent Daytrotter recording.

Seryn performing album opener "So Within":

Seryn performing an abridged and stripped down version of "On My Knees":

Seryn performing album highlight "We Will All Be Changed":

And finally you can head over to Daytrotter to hear the group's recent recording session.

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