Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekly Top 5: Sets at Pitchfork Music Festival 2011

We apologize for the lack of posts recently but the majority of the staff here at A Brief Intermission were in Chicago enjoying the 2011 Pitchfork Music Festival. As such, this weeks first top 5 (there will be another on Friday) will be highlighting the best sets of an incredible weekend of music.

Before I get to the list, I feel compelled to give a big time shout out to a few people. The first is the management and organizers of Pitchfork. The festival was very well run and minus a few time clogs and shortened sets on the Blue Stage, the overall experience was excellent. In addition to excellent organization, the security and safety were absolutely top class. In a year, where music festivals have brought about a slew of injuries and even deaths, its a testament to the staff that there were no serious injuries this past weekend. Finally, big ups to Shabazz Palaces, who played an absolutely incredible show at Lincoln Hall on Saturday night. Because it wasn't a part of the actual festival, it won't be on the top 5, but had it been it would probably be number 1. Their set at the actual festival was great as well but in the outdoor setting the beats didn't hit nearly as hard.

All photos are courtesy of Pitchfork. Click for all of the photos.

Honorable Mention:

Curren$y - Great set but one verse per song just isn't enough. I want more!
Animal Collective - Trippy visuals and stage set-up. Performance was better than the music.
No Age - Rocked it so incredibly hard; even without their sampler.
Twin Shadow - Set got cut short unfortunately. I wanted more of this!
Kurt Vile and the Violators - The drummer was so incredible. Extended jams were killer.
TV on the Radio - Never been a huge fan but the second half of their set made me a believer.

5. DeerhunterCompletely entrancing. The long extended jams on "Desire Lines" and "He Would have Laughed" were excellent and "Nothing Ever Happened" literally left me speechless. I cannot wait to see them again at Webster Hall on August 22nd.

4. Cold CaveI never really gave this band an honest shot before the festival and when they walked out on the stage with leather jackets on while it was 90+ degrees outside I was ready to walk away. But from the first beat of the drum they brought some really serious noise and provided the first great set of the festival.

3. Destroyer Dan Bejar went through an enitre Poland Spring bottle of Whiskey and at least 3 beers during the set; his performance was significantly enhanced. Closer "Bay of Pigs (Detail)" was breathtaking.

2. Fleet Foxes It amazes me how they are able to recreate their sound in the live setting. Their vocal harmonies are pitch perfect and every single piece fit together like a puzzle. Every bit as good as the United Palace show.

1. Cut Copy Cut Copy took the stage at 7:20 on Sunday evening. The majority of the crowd had been at the festival for three days and both Saturday and Sunday were absolute scorchers. Everyone in attendance was covered in dirt and sweat and had expended every last bit of energy. Despite the odds, Cut Copy managed to get the entire crowd singing, dancing and jumping around like idiots. I honestly consider it a miracle.


  1. Do not know how I was able to dance for Cut Copy. My body was possessed by the beats. Definitely the best set of the festival.

  2. Agreed cut copy number one. Hands down.

  3. Wish I saw more of cold cave and cut copy, but judging by how good they were last Monday I'm not surprised they're number 1. I think I would have put no age at like number 2 because of how much fun I had haha. And destroyer number 1 because I love them so damn much.

  4. Super bummed I missed Cut Copy. That said, my number one would definitely be No Age. Easily.