Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekly Artist Profile: Cold Cave

Wes Eisold, the former singer of Boston hardcore band Give Up the Ghost, has completely changed his musical identity with this newest project. With Cold Cave, he mixes his roots in hardcore with dark 80s industrial music and his singing voice is like listening to Ian Curtis reincarnated.

On their debut album, Love Comes Close, Eisold explores this new sound and it feels almost as though he was just testing the waters. As with any type of experimentation, this first trial shows unbelievable promise but it doesn't all come together. With more experience and confidence, Eisold's newest album, Cherish the Light Years, fulfills all the potential of the first album and exceeds it. The sound on this album is an aggressive attack on the ears as Eisold builds dense soundscapes and cranks the volume knob to 15.

Check out some music and tour dates for Cold Cave after the jump!

"Life Magazine" from their debut album Love Comes Close.

"Villians of the Moon", first single off of Cherish the Light Years.

Personal favorite and album opener, "The Great Pan is Dead"

Tour Dates

8/2/2011: Cleveland, OH. The Grog Shop
8/4/2011: Washington, DC. Rock N' Roll Hotel
8/5/2011: Philadelphia, PA. Voyeur
8/6/2011: New York, NY. Bowery Ballroom
8/12/2011: Toledo, OH. Frankie's
8/13/2011: Columbus, OH. 102.5 Summerfest at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion
8/24/2011: Brooklyn, NY. House of Vans (FREE!)

8/25/2011-8/28/2011: Leeds, UK. Leeds Festival 2011
8/26/2011-8/28/2011: Reading, UK. Reading Festival 2011

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  1. Copped cherish right before pitchfork and was very impressed, but couldn't get too far from "the great pan is dead" without having to go back to it. That song is just so good. Now I've ventured to the end of the album and must say I really really enjoy it all. Probs not top 10 worthy but "the great pan is dead" is def in my top 5 songs of the year.