Saturday, September 8, 2012

Touche Amore - "Whale Belly"

I can't believe a band with this kind of touring schedule had any time at all to write and record a new song, but somehow, Touche Amore have gotten in the studio and created an absolute beast in the form of "Whale Belly". The song comes from an upcoming 7" split with The Casket Lottery. The split will feature one original song and one cover from each band. Touche Amore will have this song and a cover of "Unsatisfied" by The Replacements (Rad!). The Casket Lottery's new track will be called "White Lies" and they will tackle a cover of "Myth" by Beach House (Double Rad!). Could this be any more awesome!?!??  Check out "Whale Belly" below via NPR!

  Touche Amore - "Whale Belly"

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