Saturday, May 28, 2011

Movie Review - The Hangover: Part 2

***Warning - Contains minor spoilers***

Last night, I ventured to a local theater to catch The Hangover: Part 2, a film which tried to "one-up" it's predecessor with mixed results. To start, here's a synopsis:

The guys, Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifianakis), and Doug (Justin Bartha), are in Las VegasThailand for Doug's Stu's wedding. Stu didn't want a crazy bachelor party thanks to the shenanigan's in Vegas. Instead, the guys, plus Stu's brother-in-law to-be, Teddy, all have a single beer on the beach to celebrate the occasion. Cut to the next scene and Phil, Stu, and Alan are waking up in a luxurious suite at Caesar's Palace disgusting, run-down, drug den of a hotel room in Bangkok. When Alan and Phil stumble upon Stu, they realize he is missing a tooth has a brand new Mike Tyson face tattoo. Upon further investigation of where they woke up, the guys find they are now in custody of a baby drug-taking monkey. Shortly after, the film's plot driving device occurs: the crew realizes that Doug Teddy is missing. The typical debauchery ensues as the guys go out into the streets of Bangkok to gather the puzzle pieces of just what the hell happened the night before, in hopes that their efforts will lead them to Teddy. Along the way, they kidnap Mike Tyson's tiger a Buddhist monk, and it's discovered that Alan drugged everyone to make sure the bachelor party was unforgettable get some alone time with the "Wolfpack" without Teddy involved. In the end, Teddy is found and everyone gets back to the wedding in time for the ceremony to go on as planned.

So do I recommend it? If you liked The Hangover and don't mind the fact that this "sequel" is essentially a remake, then go for it. Just like the first incarnation, the sequel's comedy comes from shock value. There are some ridiculous moments that push the boundaries of the "R" rating. On the other hand, many jokes fell flat and felt forced, with the main culprit being Zach Galifianakis. Overall, with ticket prices nowadays, I would suggest waiting to catch this one on Netflix. Better yet, just watch The Hangover again. Same plot, but far superior in comedic value.

And whenever you watch it, just like with the first one, make sure you watch the credits. Pure gold.


  1. I just wanna thank the Asiatic people...

  2. I like the cross-out method. Very effective