Thursday, September 8, 2011


Only two weeks into the season, and EMPAC is bringing us another killer event. Electronic music is all the rage today, and EMPAC knows it (this show, then Four Tet next week...yeah, Four Tet). Check out the release on EARBRAINS below.

EARBRAINS: Sonic Research Underground
Friday, September 9, 2011, 8 PM
Studio 2

A rare underground concert of experimental and live electronic music in an above ground setting.

Experimental music micro-cultures fly beneath the radar in nearly every US city—functioning as hidden incubators or underground sonic research labs for aesthetics and technology. The outcomes almost universally bubble up to the surface, popularized by more mainstream acts. Performances happen in tiny clubs, non-profit galleries, people’s houses, bookstores, and on college campuses. This has been the fertile ground for generations from which experimental music artists and audiences have evolved.

This show kicks off our fall events, featuring:

- Rock/noise homespun electronics by Fat Worm of Error
- Analog synthesis by composer, performer, and record distributor Keith Fullerton Whitman
- David Shively performing Max Neuhaus’ electronic classics from the 50s
- Live electronics by Caboladies
- The unique duo of Jason Lescalleet and Graham Lambkin

Sound interesting? Kick off your weekend with something different.

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